Before explaining how to remove plain background, first I want you to learn about Layers. This tutorial is for beginners, photographers and non-designers who are not much exposed to Adobe Photoshop.


Layers were introduced in Photoshop 3.0 and it entirely revolutionized the process of digital designing (Graphic designing). Every artwork in photoshop is made in layers. Just like a sandwich contains multiple layers of cheese and other stuff. Similarly, one layer is your background and others are part of the foreground. It will become clearer by the following images:


layer post


So, as you can see in the image, each and every task performed in photoshop can and should be performed by creating a separate new layer so that a specific element can be edited later if required.

There are many techniques for removing a background. It depends on the complexity of the background which one you should use. In this tutorial, we are only focusing on the process of removing the background from images with a plain background. Soon I’ll be posting tutorials of removing different types of backgrounds by different techniques.


Step 1: Open your image

Go to File and click Open. Then browse to the image location and select the image which you want to remove/change the background from.
I will be using this image with a plain background.


remove background


Step 2: Select Magic Wand Tool

Select the Magic Wand Tool from the Photoshop toolbox. It may be hidden under the Quick Selection Tool. If it is, just click and hold the quick selection tool.


magic wand



Step 3: Select the area to be removed

Click on the plain background area to select it. Once the area is selected, you’ll notice a dotted line appears on the boundary of the girl’s body and on the edges of the Image. Dotted lines represent the selected area.


magic wand selected



Step 4: Remove plain background

Click the delete button and it will remove the selected portion of the image.


delete key





You can also use the eraser tool to remove the unwanted small parts of the image by selecting a different type of brush and size.




eraser girl



Step 5: Change the background

Create a new layer. Shift it below the image of the girl by Ctrl + Open square bracket ( [ ) buttons and name it as Background.


new layer

layer girl


Click on the Paint bucket tool and select the color from the palette.


paint bucket


Select the background layer and click on the image, it will fill the background layer with the selected color.




So now you have an idea of how you can change a background or any portion of an image, you may put a gradient fill or any other image in the background of the foreground layer.
So try your hands on it.

Feel free to comment below in case of any query.

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